Wealth Succession & Protection

Insurance is no longer solely a family protection tool. The optimal use of appropriate insurance products is integral to achieving family goals of wealth succession, tax planning and capital gains. Avenue seeks to fullfill customers’ aspirations and protect their interest through customised global insurance plans. With full acquaintance with a wide selection of insurance products, objective analysis and strong bargaining power, we are able to plan and source the best insurance plan for our clients at a reasonable price and with high-quality service.

Life Insurance

Medical and Accident Insurrance

Critical Illness Insurance

Premium Financing

Premium Financing

  • Using the cash value of a life insurance policy as collateral security to secure a bank facility for partial premium payment
  • Make available more liquidity from existing funds for other needs
  • Higher gearing on life insurance coverage
  • Increase wealth and pass on to beloved family members
  • Maintain a high reserve as retirement protection
  • Provision for legacy tax
  • Shield your assets from risks arising from disputes caused by litigation or divorce; build safe assets

Premium Financing

  • Comparatively lower premium
  • Comparatively higher dividends
  • More extensive coverage and scope of reparation
  • USD assets allocation
  • Sound judicial system and strict regulatory regime
  • Provision for legacy tax
  • Legal protection under the rule of “the insurer’s rights taking priority over the creditor’s rights”